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Igniting ARTFUL NLP 
Sales Conversations

The quality of the conversation between two parties often determine the quality of the relationship and outcome of the exchange. From a conversation, you will assess if the person is trustworthy, credible, and genuine. And if you should find the person scoring high in these three qualities, you will probably go on to establish a long-term strong personal or business relationship with him.

In this programme, you will learn the art of asking questions to ignite artful NLP conversations that will help you to coach your prospects towards sales closing. Expect to hear lots of examples and walk away with objection-handling questions that you can apply immediately!

  • Understand what your prospects are NOT telling you when they give you an objection

  • Appreciate objections from clients as a channel of moving towards a well-informed purchase decision

  • Know what questions to ask and how to ask the questions to trigger proactive response from your prospects

  • Use the art of questioning to establish and build a trusted relationship with your prospect
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Breakthrough Your SALES Performance Immersive

  • Find out why your efforts and hardwork are not getting you your desired results

  • Uncover the top 10 underlying mindset traps that stop anyone from becoming a MDRT producer

  • Re-connect with your lifeforce to have unlimited drive towards your life and business success

  • Overcome crippling fears that stop you from achieving what you are truly capable of

  • Eliminate distractions and become super focused on your sales activities and production goals

  • Lift yourself up from each rejection or down moment and be in charge of your mental and emotional energies

  • Sail with ease in your business and surf in joy as you fulfil your career and life goals

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