5 Steps to your
MDRT Breakthrough

Tommy Khoe
Financial Services Manager

Breakthrough Journey

Tommy Khoe, a 5 times MDRT qualifier, was once told 5 reasons why he shouldn’t join the financial services industry. Tommy has since proved otherwise. From working in the field of technology in a foreign country to becoming a top producer, Tommy will share with you his journey and how he achieves his MDRT breakthrough. 

What you will learn
  1. How to not let your weaknesses become your stumbling block
  2. How to leverage on your strengths to build your insurance business
  3. How to set and execute a strong decision and commit to your MDRT breakthrough
  4. How to defy your excuses and take charge of your time to run your business
  5. How to be a strong value to your clients as a professional consultant

Bonus tracks
Tommy shares about his heart attack and what he drew from that life episode. In closing, Tommy about not playing safe and not focusing on “what could go wrong”. He tells you how to make your journey in this business worthwhile.

Course Lessons
8 Lessons (55m)

Tommy Khoe

Financial Services Manager
Tommy Khoerniawan graduated from the University of Indonesia as a Computer Science major. He worked in the field of technology for four years in Indonesia and Singapore.

Thereafter, he became a Financial Services Consultant. He entered the field because he witnessed 2 sets of families, relatives of his, experienced totally different outcomes when each family lost a loved one, who were primary breadwinners in their households. One family had insurance protection and the other did not. The devastation Tommy witnessed from the family who did not have insurance coverage was the motivation behind pursuing a career in financial planning and risk management.

As a financial planner practitioner, he is highly qualified to conduct financial health reviews and advise clients on planning strategies that protect them today and their families in the future. With over 12 years in the industry and numerous awards and recognition under his belt, Tommy is more than capable and deeply committed to providing full financial planning analysis to clients based on their unique needs. For 5 straight years, Tommy has been awarded the Million Dollars Round Table, a prestigious top 3% financial planner worldwide.