Power Up Your Sales Referrals

Jason Tan

Agency Growth Architect & Leads Gen Expert

Don't Keep Me A Secret!

Referrals is a key strategy of leads generation. Whether you are a new sales person, or a experienced sales professional, getting referrals ensure that you continue to get new leads for your business. People who refer you might or might not be your clients, but they certainly have enough trust in you to refer their network.

In this course, kickstart your referrals by understanding what makes people refer, and how you can establish strong trust with your connections and clients to generate referrals and new leads.

Throughout this course you will discover:

  • Why is referral an important channel for leads generation?
  • Are you referable and how well do you measure on the referability checklist?
  • What kind of clients to work with for a win-win relationship?
  • When to ask for referrals and how to ask?

Course Lessons
10 lessons (1h 11m)

Jason Tan

Agency Growth Architect & Leads Gen Expert
Recognised as the most accomplished strategist in this generation and a multiple effective marketing awards winner since his apprenticeship days, Jason has earned ‘the Goliath of Advertising’ title due to his unusual effective and disruptive marketing tactics.

Jason’s distinctive strategy has allowed him to envision the NextGen Agency Architectural blueprint. His most recent winning stint was combining off-the-record strategies with fintech capabilities, bringing phenomenal success for a leading agency in Singapore. He has helped increased its FYC by 55% and its agency strength grew 86% in a year.

With such growth achievement, Jason has been invited to share the best practises of building the Million Dollar Agency across the regions of Asia. He had the honour of being the keynote for Sales Maximiser best practise sharing for 13 countries. Additionally, Jason has also been invited to be the keynote speaker for Kick off and Final Sprint events.

Jason’s expertise in Sales Maximiser Architectural blueprint extends to the designing of training in the following areas:

Sales Maximiser

Branding strategies for different strategic level
  • Agency level
  • District level
  • Personal level

Sales Maximiser Marketing

  • Lead gen marketing activities via events & digital platforms
  • Lead to sales conversion blueprint
  • Objection handling
  • Storytelling marketing

Sales Maximiser

  • Immediate aftersales action plan
  • Mistakes to avoid for aftersales activity and policy review
  • Aftersales activity design & scheduling tactics
  • Production planning & optimisation

Sales Maximiser
Talent Acquisition

  • Understanding millennials and their career goals
  • Talent acquisition tactics for millennials
  • Career fair for millennials
  • Internship program blueprint for millennials