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Get Started with LearnAply

Here is a quick checklist to prepare your first course with LearnAply

A unique course landing page

1. A course title 
Make the title specific and focus on what the learner will learn and how they can apply the skills.

2. A course description with more than 150 words
Your course description explains what your course is about to potential learners. In your course description, we recommend providing information about
  • Content of your course
  • Learning objectives and how learner will benefit and apply what they will learn from your course
  • Recommended: 1 to 2 minutes trailer video to introduce your course

3. A trainer profile and profile picture
  • Your trainer profile should include your expertise, your experience and your personality
  • Include a high quality non-pixelated image of yourself
  • Include your social media handles

4. Optional: course image
  • A course Image for landing page (recommended 1920 x 1080 image file)
  • A course Image thumbnail (recommended 640 X 360 image file)
Recording your course

1. At least 30 minutes of video content

2. At least 5 separate video lessons (recommended 3 -10 minutes per video lesson)

3. Video quality
  • Video file type:
    - MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV

  • Video resolution:
    - For high definition (720p)
    - For full high definition (1080p - Recommended)
    - Suggested aspect ratio is 16:9

4. Audio
  • Record using an external microphone to reduce background noises and general fuzziness. We recommend using a lapel or a condenser microphone. Another option is to use your smartphone as an external microphone. We don’t recommend using earpiece to record audio, e.g., Airpods as the recording quality is less than ideal. 

    Audio must be clear and free of distracting background noises and audio should sync with your video footage.
Lapel  microphone
Condenser microphone
5. Lighting
  • We recommend natural light for shooting your videos. Alternatively, you can use artificial lights, like a pair of softboxes or a pair of regular floor lamps. Do bounce the light off walls or ceilings to avoid shadows.
Softbox light
Floor lamp
Test video
This is a free service we provide for our trainer/speaker. Feel free to send us a test video before you start filming your course.

Quick checks for your test video
  • 1 to 3 minutes of recording
  • Record in HD (720p minimum) with clear lighting, good framing, and steady camera.
  • Audio clear of distracting noises.