Personal Branding Boot Camp

By Joshua Luke


Branding differentiates one distinctively from the rest of the peer or competitors, be it for corporations or individuals. The right personal branding & image projection at different occasions is of paramount importance to one's success in an excellent first impression, whether in a social or business setting. Dressing well at work a skill to master. Enhancing your charisma in every client interaction is also a strong plus point to excel further at work and in business. Furthermore, skilful relationship management to interact with prospects and clients n networking and business dining to entertain clients, especially high net worth ones, well and score much more at your first impression upon interaction with them will also be the skill to acquire in this training.

Look no further as this comprehensive 2-day training boot camp program will share with you all the points of the previously-mentioned points; demonstrations, simulations, & even real-life consultation will also be part of this course for enhanced learning experience!

Learning Objectives

At the end of the full training program, participants will:

  • be able to select clothing to project the right image presentation best to self according to target market
  • be able to recognise various personalities & traits, and interact with them accordingly well
  • be able to interact with anyone they meet in any function, and to exude charisma to leave a positive deep impression
  • be able to utilise several sales strategies to enhance work, business and sales
  • be able to enhance personal branding to the next level, and to tap into greater realm for corporate success and sales
Day 1: Image Projection and Personalities Management with Profiling

  • Introduction to Personal Branding and Impression Interaction Be able to impress any prospects within seconds of first appointment
  • The 4 Important Factors of the Right Image in Branding Projection at the Work Place
  • Top Traits of a Personnel Excellent in Image & Branding
  • Colour Analysis in the Four Seasons Colour Tone (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) for Enhanced Image in Branding Projection
  • Body Shape Analysis for Enhanced Image in Branding Projection
  • Top 5 Shopping Factors for Enhanced Image in Branding Projection
  • Corporate Dressing Guidelines for Men & for Women for Enhanced Image in Branding Projection
  • Discovering Your Personality & Traits through MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling (online assessment)
  • Effective Personality Strategy to Increase Sales Significantly using MACDOER
Day 2: Charismatic Networking and Effective Sales Strategies

  • Top Personal Charisma and Networking at the Work Place Destroyers
  • The 5 ‘V’s of Personal Charisma Enhancement Technique
  • The 3 ‘P’s of Networking Cycle
  • Basic Etiquette in Greetings, Handshake and Name Card Presentation
  • Creating Rapport in Small Talk and Effective Networking Skills
  • What is Sales Enhancement?
  • The Mindset, Skillset and Heartset in Sales Enhancement
  • Top Traits of an Excellent Sales Personnel
  • The 3 Effective Sales Strategies for Work, Business & Sales for Application
Follow-Up application and coaching:

  • Virtual follow-up coaching and applying programme - what and how
  • Support and coaching throughout. Built around community and active learning