NLP Bootcamp for MDRT Breakthrough

By Jensen Siaw 

Mental Mastery . Performance Breakthrough . Leads Generation
Programme Description

NLP Bootcamp for MDRT Breakthrough is a mentally intensive programme designed to enhance participants’ personal mastery towards sales performance and production. They undergo a series of powerful mindset mastery activities where they will be overcoming their inhibitions and discovering their vast potential to succeed as a insurance sales professional and MDRT producer.

Through a specially designed and proven-effective training route map, they will be 
empowered to tap on their unlimited resources within. This is to prepare them to triumph over challenging times as an insurance adviser where they could face tough rejections, personal insecurities, crippling performance traps. This programme serves to boost self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence for breakthrough performance in their business.

At the end of the programme, participants will feel confident of hitting the field for 
prospecting, optimistic about their ability to succeed in the career, and motivated to create phenomenal results in their lives. They will be READY TO CHARGE FORWARD TO ACHIEVE SALES PRODUCTION BREAKTHROUGHS and fly towards MDRT.

To equip and greatly increase participants’ competencies in the following areas:

☑ Mindset Mastery – empowering participants with positive thinking, self 
awareness and focused mindset for achieving excellence in sales performance and results. They will be able to manage their thoughts and inner dialogue to stay focused on their career and production goals.

☑ Sales Strategy & Activities Mastery – helping participants to uncover the real gaps (not perceived gaps) in their competencies, thereby having them work out a plan to acquire the required skills and knowledge to move towards MDRT.

☑ Intensive Immersion – uncovering one’s deep desire for quantum leaps in 
personal growth and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve beyond their perceived limitations. Their inner compass and engine will be aligned to accelerate them towards their desired outcome of professional and financial success. They will feel more hopeful and confident from within like never before.


Your Performance, Motivation, Obstacles

The Psychology of Performance
  • What do you really need to perform well
  • Why do some achieve and others don’t?

Breakthrough Your Performance Step 1: What Motivates You?
  • The foundation of motivation - Values
  • Life Values elicitation and goal alignment exercise

Breakthrough Your Performance Step 2: Setting Your Sight
  • The difference between Growth Goals & Fantasy Goals
  • Setting your desired production target for first year
  • 100 reasons exercise: why you want to achieve your goal?

Breakthrough Your Performance Step 3: What Could Stop You?
  • Identifying all possible obstacles and challenges
  • Cold eye review of obstacles: factual or personal?
  • Action-planning to manage/overcome factual obstacles
  • Introspective reframing and shifting of personal obstacles

Your Performance State & Sales Strategy

Breakthrough Your Performance Step 4: Mastering Your State
  • Understanding state and performance
  • How do the champions perform well?
  • Breakthrough techniques to shift and master your state:
  • Putting yourself in a resourceful state
  • Neutralising fear and negative emotions

Breakthrough Your Performance Step 5: Sales Strategy & Activities
  • Identifying your assets: clientele, market, network, prospecting way
  • Identifying and building your COI for leads generation and referral
  • Identifying and enlisting Positive Support Squad
  • Identifying and modelling role models (to strengthen desire & belief)
  • Committing to 10 daily/weekly process goals (vs outcome goals)
Breakthrough Your Performance Follow Up: The next 21 days

  • 21-Day follow up coaching programme - what and how
  • Support and coaching you will receive throughout