Mental Toughness,
Breakthrough Your Fears

Jensen Siaw
Chief ​Motivator & Executive Producer

Breakthrough Your Fear Now!

In pursuing your desired results in sales, fear is often the factor that stands in your way. Fear could stop you from making that phone call, approaching that person, or taking the next step on your journey towards success in sales career. When you allow fear to stand between you and your goal, your progress becomes slow. Yet to fear is human, so how can you deal with your fears to break through them?

In this intensive session, learn from Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen Siaw the techniques he has taught to MDRT/COT/TOT qualifiers to break through the fears in their mind so that they can carry out the necessary sales activities to achieve the next breakthrough in their production and performance.

Throughout this course you will discover:

  • Understanding Fear – Why are you afraid of what you are afraid of? How do you feel fear? Where does fear reside in? Are you in control of it, or being controlled by it?
  • Identifying and breaking down your Fears – What are the fears that stop you from doing your sales activities? Are these fears real, can they be validated with facts?
  • Psychological techniques to overcome your Fears:
    - Pattern-intercept (intercepting your negative pattern)
    - Designing & establishing your mental preparation routine (MPR)

Course Lessons
15 Lessons (1h 11m)

Jensen Siaw

Chief ​Motivator & Executive Producer

Jensen is a Performance Coach & Sales Motivational Speaker who has spoken to over 250,000 live audience across Asia. Known as a master motivator in the life insurance industry, he has coached MDRT/COT/TOT qualifiers and leaders of Multi-Million Dollar Agencies. His clientele includes AIA, Allianz, Aviva, AXA, Prudential, Tokio Marine, Manulife, Zurich, Great Eastern, NTUC Income, bancassurance partners and other insurers in the region.

Jensen is also the Chief Motivator & CEO at Jensen Siaw International (JSI). JSI is engaged every year by insurance companies to run recruitment seminars, university recruitment programmes, leads generations platforms, and sales breakthrough boot camps. With his live hosting and broadcasting experience, Jensen kickstarted JSI's online events and webinar production capabilities to help insurers and agents thrive above the Coronavirus pandemic. Since COVID-19 hit our shores, Jensen has produced and hosted numerous online motivational talk shows and webinars, reaching over 80,000 virtual audience across Asia.

Recognised for his work in Asia’s life insurance industry, Jensen was invited onto the judging panel for Asia Trusted Life Agents and Advisers Awards 2018 to 2020, serving alongside the suite of CEOs and CDOs of various insurers in the region.

In his efforts to reach and empower more people beyond his keynotes and seminars, Effectively bilingual, Jensen has spoken and appeared on numerous media shows on 938Live, YES933, Capital958, Love972, UFM1003, BFM89.9, Channel U, Channel 8, The Straits Times, and The Business Times. He has also authored 2 books: “Change Your Inner Cards, Win The Outer Game” and “7 Days to a New Goal”.

  • Master Trainer of Breakthrough Boot Camp for MDRT Aspirants (2014 - 2019)
  • Closing keynote speaker at MDRT Day Singapore 2019
  • Host for first ever virtual MDRT Day Singapore 2020
  • Executive Producer & Host for MDRT Day Singapore 2021
  • Producer of webinars & online events for life insurance companies
  • Virtual Motivational Speaker & Host for online learning conferences