Live Your Life, Leave a Legacy

Angjolie Mei
Life Celebrant & Funeral Director

Leaving a Legacy

17 years ago, the sudden departure of her father left her with 2 things: debts and a business that is traditionally dominated by men. To help turn her family's financial situation around, she plunged into the business and started doing things differently.

Years later today, Angjolie Mei has established herself as a worthy business 
lady in the funeral business, won multiple business awards, and is leading industry norms with her humanistic approach to celebrating life when a family member passes on.

Throughout this course you will discover:

  • What made her embark on the journey of funeral directing when she has no formal training nor experience in it
  • How did she start and succeed in a industry that is usually not run by ladies
  • How she has evolved and innovated the funeral industry to make the funeral process more connective and encompassing for families

Lessons in This Course
10 lessons (23m)

Angjolie Mei

Life Celebrant & Funeral Director
Angjolie has been in the funeral industry for over 16 years. She is a certified funeral director and the only certified funeral celebrant in Singapore.

In 2015, Angjolie was awarded the NFDA's Professional Women Funeral Director's Conference Scholarship. Angjolie is an award winner of the Pulsar Category of the Women’s Entrepreneur Award 2019, and also won additional recognition as a winner of The Most Innovative Award. She also bagged the Spirit Of Enterprise Award in 2019.

She is the founder of The Life Celebrant, a funeral company that personalises and customises funerals commemorating the departed’s life. ‘Funeral is not a Day in a Lifetime but a Lifetime in a Day’ is her motto. Her lifelong mission at The Life Celebrant is to exalt final memories of love, honour and pay tribute to the departed, and accompany the bereaved families through the healing process. She has revolutionised a traditionally male-dominated profession by implementing radical changes in her approach to funeral services, and leads a team composed in majority of women.

She was featured in various magazines, radio and tv shows such as Saturday Times, Business Times, Sunday Times, The New Paper, 96.3 Hao FM, 89.3 FM, CNA 93.9FM and Mypaper. She also appeared on documentaries and shows on Channel News Asia, Channel 8 , Channel U and History Channel.

Since 2010, she has conducted many seminars and been invited as a guest speaker on numerous occasions to improve the public’s awareness on end of life issues. She also published her autobiography in English, Dying To Meet You, in 2017 and second edition in 2020. Her Chinese book 爱的告别 was released in 2019. Her book was featured as one of the Three Must Read Singaporean Biographies by Singapore’s National Reading Movement.