Make Your Life a Box Office Success

Joshua Luke

Global Master Trainer of Sales and Leadership Performance

Be the Star of Your Own Life Movie

Every one of us goes through life portraying ourselves in our ‘life movie’. While it may seem that some of us is playing the main lead, the actual fact is that most of us seems to be taking secondary roles in life and at work. We let others take charge of our lives and dictate our success. We have to succumb under the authority and command of bosses, seniors, peer colleagues, etc. and society perceptions, social norms, family expectations, etc. Most of the times, we are under their jurisdiction, and thus their mercy, in life & at the work place..

Be supporting cast or even calefare no more! Let Award-winning Entrepreneur Joshua Luke show you how to break out of your current situation, using the 3 ‘M’s Principle, and embark on a self-fulfilling, satisfying & successful entrepreneurial journey. Decide to take on not just the lead actor/actress role in your life, but also to be the Star of your life movie, and make your own life a real Box Office Success!

• What Role Are You Playing in Your Life Movie Now?
• Are You Enjoying the Role that You Are Playing?
• Stop Supporting, Start Starring’
• Finding the Right Director for Your Life Movie
• I Am Ready to be the STAR!’ - the 3 ‘M’s Principle of the Entrepreneurship Journey
• Lead My Life Movie to be A Box Office Success Now!

Course Lessons
8 Lessons (19m)

Joshua Luke

Global Master Trainer of Sales and Leadership Performance
An award-winning entrepreneur and international master trainer, Joshua Luke, fondly known as “Coach Luke”, has spoken to tens of thousands of international audiences in his professional speaking career spanning over 15 years. In Asia, he is the go-to-guy for development in the areas of personal branding, sales communication and leadership performance. From winning Mr Singapore and international contests, to starting his own businesses and winning entrepreneurship and personal branding awards, Joshua is often seen as the “Kingsman” of sales motivational speakers.

Joshua has provided sales and leadership training to senior executives and professionals at multi-national corporations and small-medium enterprises. His list of clients includes AIA, Prudential, UOB Bank, Loreal (Singapore and Hong Kong), SCENTAL Travel Retail (Asia Pacific), Denza (China), Colourworks International (South Africa), IBICA (USA), etc. Completing his MBA (Master of Business Administration degree) in 2018, he created the Signature Leader Profiling and MACDOER Personality Profiling systems.

Since 2005, Joshua has been the Official Judge and Official Trainer for several 'Miss Singapore’' pageants, training the contestants and the Winners in 'Image Presentation', 'Social Etiquette & Mannerism' and 'Body Language In Effective Communication'. A former Winner of NUS Manhunt and former Mr. Singapore, he has been a popular figure with the media, having being on print (‘The Straits Times’, ‘My Paper’, ‘Guardian Magazine, etc.), on air (MediaCorp Radio 938 Live), online (Razor TV), on cable TV (‘Star Fantasia’ Singers Discovery Reality Programme) and on TV (MediaCorp Channel 8 ‘Love In Progress’ with Celebrity Host Quan Yi Feng, ‘Ladies Nite’ with Celebrity Hosts Zoe Tay & Kym Ng, Mediacorp Channel U ‘Project W’, etc).

In the media, Joshua has been featured on various platforms for the past years – on TV (MediaCorp Channel 8 and Channel U, 938 Live Radio, Singapore Press Holdings Men’s Health (Singapore) magazine, LianHe WanBao leading Chinese newspapers, etc.). His sales-, work-performance & business-related articles have been published in national newspapers (‘The Straits Times’ national newspapers, etc.) and both consumer- & business- magazines (‘H4UFMe’ magazine, etc).