The Art of Mindful Success

SC Chung

Life Coach

Mindful Success

This course allows participants to understand the science of stress and thrive at work and life balance. Participants will be given the opportunity to identify and experience the differences when they are stress and relax as well as how they can be more productive and be happy at work.

It is dedicated to anyone who wants to improve their enjoyment of work, and develop a specific self-care strategy for mental and psychological health resilient.

The Art of Mindful Success means applying focus and awareness to everything you do in daily life. Focus on the task at hand and recognize and release internal and external distractions as they arise. In this way, mindfulness helps increase effectiveness, decrease mistakes, and even enhance creativity.

More mindful employees provide better service quality. Second, easily implemented, simple mindfulness exercise can reliably increase employees’ state mindfulness. Third, induced mindfulness has an impact on subsequent service quality in terms of reliability, assurance, empathy and responsiveness.
Lesson 1: True meaning of Success
  • Different people will have different definition to be successful. How you define your own success may affect your presentation, focus and productivity at work. In this video explains you can be successful at every level at work and in life. 

Lesson 2: Shopping experience
  • To identify your feeling in shopping experiences and what’s going on at the back of your mind in your subconscious level, which will affect your decision making when making a purchase. Explore a deeper level on you psychological aspect how a sales representative may affect your emotion when making a purchase decision.  

Lesson 3: Mindset
  • To dominate sales, you need to master the sales mindset. This video helps you to develop a deeper understanding the differences between fixed and growth mindset that affect service quality to prospect and clients.

Lesson 4: You react according to your model of the world
  • You react according to how you feel. How you feel stem from your emotion and belief systems. Most people do not aware what affected them to behave differently.
Lesson 5: We live in two worlds
  • Consciously you want all the good things happen to you including your success. Subconsciously you may have a different opinion in how you want to achieve your success which reflected in your reality.  uences

Lesson 6: Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness can help you to be more effective and act more intentionally, but becoming more aware of unpleasant feelings that you had been ignoring can also be uncomfortable at the beginning stage. Mindful practise can help you to achieve your larger goals at ease. 

Lesson 7: How our mind works?
  • Your mind is built to reinforce and regulate your life. Your subconscious mind is the realm in which you can either habituate yourself to expect, and routinely seek the actions that would build and reinforce, the greatest success, happiness, wholeness or healing of your life.sfully

Lesson 8: Think and React Mindfully
  • To be mindful means to be fully present in the moment, and it is a quality that can be enhanced through a broad set of activities that help you focus more intently on your physical and emotional states in the here and now. Mindfulness practices such as simple breathing exercises, and other techniques can be applied to anything from reducing stress and feeling more whole.

Course Lessons
8 lessons (56m)

SC Chung

Life Coach
SC is an approachable lady. She is constantly curious about human behavior and how our mind work. Her curiosity has helped her from being a misunderstood introvert person due to her emotional nature to an Inspirational Coach. Her passion inspired her to help many to deal with life issues.

Since 2003, she has chance to help locally and overseas clients to find the missing pieces and discover what’s stopping them from moving forward. She guides many to reach to the next level of feeling complete, uncovering peace and joy by having closure with the past, setting themselves free to live in their full potential.

After almost two decades of “being serious” in life coaching business, today, she is more determined to induce joy and laughter in her group sessions as fundamental to boost morale, motivation and bonding for her participants.

SC is trained overseas in various coaching and psychological methodologies, and extensively in meditation. Now, she practices methodologies from branches of psychology, including Psychology of Vision, Family Constellation, O & O Academy and is certified trainer and master practitioner in Neuro-Liguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® & Hypnotherapy.